Friday, May 21, 2010


Shazam is just about my favorite app that I have on my phone.  Do you have Shazam?!?  It is an app that 'listens' to a song playing on the radio and then identifies the title and artist.  Best. App. EVER.

It came in especially handy this week when I heard a TON of songs on WJTL that encouraged me!!  So, here's a random post with a list of the new songs I heard this week.

"Castaway" - Chasen (piano + rock = awesome)
  I'm overboard, too far from shore
  A castaway trying to make it home
  I catch my breath to save myself but I can't
  In my sight You were just in time
  I feel You now You're by my side

"Rediscover You" - Starfield
  I want learn to pray the way that David prayed
  I want my soul to burn when I hear Your name
  I want to feel like new
  I want to hunger for You
  Bring me back to life like only You can do
  Cause I don't want to stay the same


"Hold Us Together" - Matt Maher
  It's waiting for you, knockin' at your door
  In the moment of truth when your heart hits the floor
  When you're on your knees and
  Love will hold us together


"Everything Falls" - Fee
  When everything falls apart
  Your arms hold me together
  When everything falls apart
  You're the only hope for this heart
  When everything falls apart
  And my strength is gone
  I find You mighty and strong
  You keep holding on


"Take Over" - Aaron Shust
  Can You take over?
  Take over
  Can You take over me?
  I've been here over and over again
  Here on my knees
  I'm only closer and closer
  To where I wanna be
  When You take over, take over
  Can You take over me?

"Already Home" - Thousand Foot Krutch (gorgeous use of strings in this one)
  I'm on my knees cause your everthing I need,
  and I've made a mess of myself on my own.
  And now I am on my face and I'm calling out your name,
  and I wont run away cause I'm already home.

"What It Feels Like" - FFH
(This isn't a "new" song to me, but makes me cry every single time I hear it.)
  And this may not be the road I would choose for me
  But it still feels right somehow
  And I have never You as close to me as I do right now.
  So, this is what it feels like to be led.

"Beautiful Way" - All Star United
  She's got more than a few good reasons why she could come undone.
  But shes got a hope that inside burning brighter than the sun!


  1. Courtney ColemanMay 22, 2010 at 1:27 PM

    I have trouble getting Shazam to find songs on WJTL a lot. A lot of times it tells me no match found. hmmmm, wonder if its because its the Blackberry version or something. Luckily they put like the last 200 songs played on their website. I will have to go check these out. The one I heard this week which I have no idea if its new or old but I had to have was Jason Gray "More Like Falling In Love".