Sunday, June 13, 2010

Complete in Christ Challenge

One of my favorite blogs to read is Women Living Well.  I think the blog author, Courtney, is just awesome and sweet and so encouraging!  Recently, Courtney announced a new challenge for her blog readers called "Completing Him: Be the Woman Your Man Needs".  I read through the challenge, and being that I am a young widow, I thought about how I wished I could participate.  I thought about all the ways I would have done this challenge if my Isaac was still here.  I was sad that I couldn't participate in the challenge because I'm not married anymore.  Then it occurred to me:  rewrite the challenge!  So, with Courney's permission, I copied her challenge topics, but put a spin on them for the unmarried gal.  I am a firm believer that God gives us our singlehood (or widowhood) for a reason, and we shouldn't waste it with the "why me" pity parties!  Embrace the time you have been given to sharpen your skills as a homemaker and to spend more time growing in God!

So with that, I give you...Complete in Christ Challenge: Be the Woman GOD Wants You to Be!

June 14 - Have a date with Jesus!  It may sound silly, but cook yourself dinner and sit down at the table with your Bible.  Spend the meal reading God's Word, talk out loud about it, pray over it, and let God speak to you!  Share with us what you learned!

June 21 - Think about marriage.  Marriage vows are a serious commitment.  Read 1 Corinthians 13 every day this week.  What truths does God show you in His Word?  What areas of this love do you think might be a struggle for you?

June 28 - Pray every day for your future husband.  Pray for God to develop his character and spiritual leadership skills.  Pray for his walk with the Lord!

July 5 - Admire your friends.  Sure men are important, but if you're a single gal, your friends are who you lean on now!  Who is your best friend?  What makes them so special?  Introduce us to them!

July 12 - Make a list of 5 homemaking skills you think will be important for a wife.  How could you start working on those this week, even before you meet "the one"?  Why not use your singlehood to work on those skills?

July 19 - They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so start practicing some recipes!  Check out websites, cookbooks, and ask friends for their favorites.  Invite some friends over for dinner, I'm sure they won't mind taste testing!

July 26 - Dream a little dream!  Think about all of the ideal characteristics you'd hope to find in a husband.  Set the bar high!  What's your ideal man like?

August 2 - Make your glass half full!  No complaining about being single, criticizing yourself, rolling your eyes, or hosting any pity parties this week. Focus on the joy God is bringing into your life!  Share it with us:  What awesome, joy bringing things is God doing in your life RIGHT NOW?  What can you be thankful for?

August 9 - For the married folks, the last week challenge is "Kiss Him Like You Mean It (and be sure the door is locked!)".  Offer to watch the kids of some of your married friends for a night and let them enjoy some time out, while you get to have fun playing with the kids!

If you want to join and have a blog, grab the button and link up here!  If you don't have a blog, feel free to leave comments on mine to share how your challenge is going!



  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I also love Courtney and her blog - she is so on target! - but as a single mom, sometimes I feel a little left behind. I so appreciate your modifications so us single girls can be involved too.

  2. This is excellent! So many of my best friends through the years have been/are single gals, and this is an awesome way to approach to growing in any season as a follower of Jesus.

    BTW ... I tried to "follow" you, but Google is giving me an error. :/ I will try again sometime! :)

  3. Hi Jess what a great idea and twist on this challenge. I am proud of you!! I will pass this on for you!! Praying for your best!!!

    Serving with Joy,

  4. Thank u. I love this challenge. I am married but this is so important for my walk.

  5. I found this post linked to Courtney's. I am married but have some single mom friends who are really struggling with being single moms. There was a time not so long ago when I too was a single mom...count on me passing this on!!! Good for you!!! AND for the women you are ministering too through it! I will be praying for you, your ministry and your family!

  6. Thank you so much for this cause have been struggling with being single and trying to be content. I will definitely try this out and keep u posted.

    Thanks to my special friend Moyra for directing me here. Love u girl