Friday, June 18, 2010

Farm Fresh Friday!

This year, my friend Michelle and I decided to join a CSA.  What is CSA?  It stands for "Community Supported Agricuture".  The farm we chose, Goldfinch Farms, defines CSA as: "a term used to describe a special partnership between farmers and customers. The customers become members, or "shareholders," in the farm for the entire growing season, receiving a weekly share of fresh, seasonal, chemical-free, non-genetically-engineered vegetables, herbs, and flowers."
Basically, we paid some money to the farm and then we go every week and pick up fresh produce that someone from the farm has picked for us.  If we were really ambitious, we could have signed up for a "working share", but that would've involved dirt and farming and probably bugs. 

Last week was our first share, and since I was headed to the beach, Michelle picked it up for us.  This week, Michelle was out of town so it was my turn to pick up!  I headed to the farm and came home with:  1 head of red leaf lettuce, spinach, mixed salad greens, garlic tops, a giant squash, radishes, cilantro (which Michelle hates, so I get to keep it and make salsa!), basil, green onions, and snap peas.  So, I challenged myself to try and use all of the ingredients in my dinner. 

Here's what I came up with:

-Tilapia topped with assorted herbs (basil from the farm, plus rosemary, thyme, and parsley from my garden), chopped green onions and a garlic top
-whole wheat pasta tossed with squash, EVOO, and the rest of my chopped up herbs
-salad with the lettuce, spinach, and greens plus radishes, green onions, and snap peas

Got 'em all but the cilantro...which I'm saving for salsa.  And it was delish! 

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  1. Wow! How creative you are! I love each part of the dinner. Love You1