Friday, June 25, 2010

The Great Living Room Redo

This weekend I decided I'd repaint my living room.  This was definitely a good idea because I also had an entire house to clean and prepare for all of my parents' furniture to move in.  Nothing like a little pressure to get things done! 

My mission in this house is to get rid of the trim colors.  I'm a big fan of white trim.  The lady who owned the house before me was not.  There are 2 colors of trim in my house:  tan and unpainted wood.  Not an ounce of white in the house.  It drives me nuts! 

Here was the living room when she lived in the house:

It might look like a nice sage green, but it's actually army green...with tan trim.

Here's the room as I had it decorated:
I really wish the green looked that pretty in person!

Here's the room now:

(best accessory: a cute cat!)

And the best part...tackling the big brick monster of a fire place!

How's that for a big, creamy sigh of relief!  It took about 6 hours of painting (grout first, then brick), one coat of Kilz Oil Based Primer, and then just one coat of paint!

I used Behr Premium Plus Paint/Primer in One in "Heavy Cream" for the trim and fireplace, and Behr Premium Plus in "Ocean Foam" for the walls.  This is my new favorite color.  It looks green with my green couch, but pre-couch it looked just barely blue.  It's absolutely GORGEOUS!

A big thanks to my pal Michelle for lending a hand with the painting, and to Young House Love for a great fireplace tutorial!

I'm sharing this at "along for the ride"!


  1. Painting is hard work, but so rewarding. I love what you've done. Been contemplating a re-painting of my own.

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