Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Beach is Better

Things that are better at the beach:

1.  Morning.  Waking up in the morning to the sound of the waves - awesome.

2.  Motivation:  the only thing you "have" to be motivated to do is slap on some sunscreen and go lay on a towel.  It makes feeling motivated a whole lot easier.

3.  Reading.  I love to read (see previous post on addiction), I love to read anywhere...but I REALLY love to read on the beach.  (P.S. - the Kindle claims to be great in bright sunlight, and is!  You can also download books in a matter of seconds.  This is a terrible, terrible thing for a book addict.)

4.  Exercising.  Sit on the beach all day and stare at people in bathing suits and try NOT being motivated to exercise.  You will either be A) inspired by the people who actually pull of a string bikini or B) be scared into exercise by the people who definitely are NOT pulling of a string bikini.

5.  Naps.  Now, I'm not normally a napper...however, I definitely woke myself up snoring on the beach yesterday.  I crossed my fingers that a super hot, rich guy walked by right then so that he could experience my hotness.  But, man...that was a GOOD nap.

6.  TV.  This morning, I was watching the Today Show and enjoying my coffee when I looked outside to notice some dolphins frolicking in the ocean.  I definitely do not see dolphins out my window when I'm watching TV at home. 

Life is better at the beach!

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