Friday, July 23, 2010

Bedroom Bliss

Finally - every last wall in my house has been painted!  (Well, with the exception of the bathroom and the basement!)

Here is the bedroom when we moved in:

Yep, it looked exactly like that.  Now, I love me some pink...but this was extreme!  So, we moved in our furniture, replaced the curtains and got some new carpet.  (Which, by the way, is the absolute most amazing carpet EVER.  It is Mohawk SmartStrand.  It's the softest carpet I've ever had the pleasure to walk on.  Plus it's eco-friendly!  I promise, once you feel this stuff you will never go back!)

Then, finally I picked a paint color - it only took about 10 sample colors to decide - and got to painting!  My dad helped me change out the ceiling fan to make it a little more modern.  Plus, thanks to my parents' retirement and move to their RV, I got a fabulous house full of free furniture!  So, here is the finished product:

There's still one more curtain to hang, plus some wall art to put up.  I did add this collection of frames to one wall.  I just took a bunch of old picture frames, removed the glass, and put fabric inside.  I painted a few the same color blue as my accent wall.  Easy and pretty much free!

The accent wall is Martha Stewart "Geyser", the other 3 walls are Martha Stewart "River Mist" (both color matched to Olympic Premium Paint), and the trim is Olympic "Heirloom Lace". 

I love this room!  It might be my favorite so far.


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