Tuesday, July 6, 2010



The week 4 challenge for Courtney's "Completing Him Challenge" is to write a post about how fantastic your husband is.  So, my "Complete in Christ" challenge for week 4 is to share how fantastic one of my friends is!  Allow me to introduce you to my friend Michelle. 

She writes 2 very cool blogs about crafting and about the journey she and her hubby, Herb, are on waiting to adopt a baby.

Michelle and I met about a year and a half ago.  Our husbands grew up in the same church, and one day after church, Herb and Michelle came over to Isaac's parents' house for lunch...and a friendship was born!   Isaac and Herb bonded over a love of music, ministry, and a love of discussing all things apologetic and theological.  Michelle and I bonded over a love of crafting, shopping, DIY, crafting, Jesus, crafting, and did I mention - crafting?  


Michelle and Herb are the type of friends who say "Call me anytime - 3am, whatever - I'm there" and actually mean it.  They were regular visitors at my house during Isaac's last month on earth, bringing food, Lost, friendship, and laughter with them.  They are the kind of friends who think of things like how to make me not feel like a 3rd wheel on my first Isaac-less time out with them.  Michelle is the type of friend who I can laugh with, cry with, sweat it out at the gym with, pretend to count Weight Watchers points with, call for random things, bounce ideas off of, and enjoy some serious wine with.  Just don't ask us to hug...we are not huggers.  ;-)

Michelle and Herb are currently waiting on God to bring them a baby by way of adoption.  If you ask Michelle, I bet she would tell you about how impatient she is or the number of times she wonders when it is going to happen.  If you ask me, I'll tell you about the number of times she talks about how perfect God's timing will be, how excited she is to be a Mom, how proud she is of Herb for the Dad he will be, how reliant she is on Jesus for her strength, how much she already loves the baby they will someday get to call their own, and what an amazing Mom she is going to be.

Thanks, Michelle...for the laughs, the workouts, the wine, the ideas, the inspiration, the honesty, the love, the friendship, and the glimpse of Jesus I see everytime I'm with you.  You rock! :)

(P.S. We really need to work on getting more pictures together.)


  1. Hahaha - pretending to write points down.

    I'm luck to have a friend who knows me so well! Thanks for this. Love you!

  2. What a beautiful story of true friendship. Such a blessing to have a friend like you do!

  3. Yeah, Michelle had "office hours" during college when I could hug her and when I couldn't...Never before 10am. hahahahaha You girls and your "non hugging" ways! Sheesh! ;)

  4. What a sweet, sweet post. Bestie love!