Friday, July 16, 2010

Not so Peachy-Keen

I have a peach hallway and I hate it.

I have nothing against peach.  My pal Michelle has a well-executed peach guest room.  It's a cheery shade of light peach on the walls with black and white furnishings.  It is well-planned, intentional peach.  My peach hallway was not well-executed.  It looks more like "I found this can of random peach paint on the oops shelf at Lowe's."  The peach color on the walls is what I would call "country peach".  If you've read my repainting adventures before, you'll know this house has no shortage of tan trim - even in the hallway.  Yep - flat country peach walls with flat tan trim.  Sorry for the poor picture quality.  It's partially because of the terrible paint and partially because my camera batter is charging so I used my phone!

I have a real loathing for trim painting.  So, rather than go nuts over the trim, I simply bought a shade of tan very similar to the tan (Glidden's Dapper Tan - cute name!) that was already there.  I used this similarly shaded semi-gloss color to quickly freshen up the trim.  Then I continued the Antique Beige (also Glidden) from my dining room up the stairs and down the hallway.  Perfect!

And, because I walk that hallway every morning - the wall art has purpose.  The first piece was a gift from Michelle for my birthday this year.  She snagged it at Vol25, and I want just about every other print in that shop!!  It says "I will be grateful for this day," over an image of clouds and rain.  A reminder to be grateful for every day - even the stormy ones. 

The second was a decal I chose.  Obviously most people wouldn't think a fire alarm is a good centerpiece for wall art, but oh well.  I like being reminded when I walk downstairs that every day holds the possibility for a miracle.  I still believe that my God is a God of miracles!

This morning, I visited Lowe's and bought some fabulous blue paint for my bedroom!  I'm so excited to get that room painted and I can't wait to share it with you!  I will be attempting my first ever accent wall! 

How can you...


  1. Love the new hallway color! Fresh, crisp, and inviting:)

  2. Happy painting! I just finished a paint job in my dining room. I've concluded I'm too old for such things.

  3. That hallway looks great! Whats with the red below the chair rail going down the steps-are you going to leave it like that or does it go with something in the downstairs?