Monday, July 12, 2010


This week's challenge is to make a list of 5 homemaking skills you think will be important for a wife. How could you start working on those this week, even before you meet "the one"? Why not use your singlehood to work on those skills?

I've been a wife, so I think I know those skills...and I definitely still need to work on them.  My mom is probably getting a kick out of this particular post. 

5 homemaking skills I commit to working on this week are:

1.  Washing the dishes every night before I turn in for the night and putting them away in the morning.  (I can hear my mom laughing now)
2.  Straightening up my den before bed at night.  This is the room with my TV and big comfy couch, it tends to be a space where I do lots of things.  However, it is a tiny room and gets cluttered quickly.
3.  Laundry - weekly.  I'm really good at almost all of laundry detail - until it comes to the "remove from the dryer and fold" part.  I can't begin to tell you how often I use that "wrinkle release" setting!!
4.  Planning my meals.  I actually started doing this last week.  When Isaac was here, I was fairly good about sitting down and planning our meals, because he liked to know what we were having for dinner.  Since it's just me again, I have been a slacker in this area.  By not planning my meals, I spend more time and money at the grocery store.  I also eat less healthy and tend to eat out more. 
5.  Setting up a cleaning schedule.  Ugh.  I am really, really terrible at this.  But I'm going to try! 

I'll let you know in a week how I did!! 
As always,


  1. "Do you believe in miracles!"

    Al Michaels as the US defeats the Russians in Hockey in 1980 or Jessica's dad as he looks forward to the results!

  2. Here is what I've learned from 8 years of marriage that I think are good ones:
    1) Have everyones clothes out the night before and lunches packed. There is nothing worse than starting the day with chaos. Even if you are single, it is still a good habit to start.
    2) Figuring out what little thing makes your spouse feel loved in regards to coming home from work. My husband loves it when he gets home and sees the blinds open and the bed made (he always goes upstairs and changes clothes as soon as he gets home). I'm not sure why, but he always comments how he loves seeing the blinds open.
    3) Making sure you can do a few basic traditionally done "man chores". For example, knowing how to cut the grass. We like to "trade jobs" around here from time to time.
    4) Cooking-even if you don't like it. It's something you just have to learn how to love even if you don't at first. I think so many women "give up" and don't cook...but, with time and practice, it's easy and can be fun. It literally took me 4 years to start enjoying cooking. The best way to learn is to spend time with other women who do know how to cook and learning some recipes from them.
    5) Just keeping things organized. I don't necessarily mean clean, just that everything has a "spot" to be put up in the house.