Thursday, August 5, 2010

Like Jessie Spano...

Like Jessie Spano in my favorite "Saved by the Bell" episode...I'M SO EXCITED AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT!!!

You may remember last month I wrote a blog introducing you to my best friend, Michelle.  I wrote this about her:
Michelle and Herb are currently waiting on God to bring them a baby by way of adoption. If you ask Michelle, I bet she would tell you about how impatient she is or the number of times she wonders when it is going to happen. If you ask me, I'll tell you about the number of times she talks about how perfect God's timing will be, how excited she is to be a Mom, how proud she is of Herb for the Dad he will be, how reliant she is on Jesus for her strength, how much she already loves the baby they will someday get to call their own, and what an amazing Mom she is going to be.

Today, if you asked Michelle about the waiting, she'd tell you:  "It wasn't so bad."  And she'd tell you that, because on Monday they got a call telling them...SOMEONE PICKED THEM.  That's right, Baby Suereth: ETA August 26, 2010! 

I got the extreme honor of following Michelle around like the paparazzi taking pictures of her telling Herb, her mom, her brother/sister-in-law, and Herb's mom.  Check out the full story of that day at Michelle's blog

(And Michelle, all that stuff I said about you is true.  And you were right, God's timing is perfect and this situation is better than any we could have ever dreamed up ourselves.  You rock, Mama!)

Woo hoo - today Baby Suereth is a great reason to...

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