Monday, August 9, 2010

Second Best

Any single gal reading this knows the temptation to settle for "second best" when it comes to dating.  Sometimes, you feel extra lonely and just wish for someone to go out with - it doesn't have to be someone you want to marry, just someone to date.  Sometimes you think maybe your standards are too high, and start taking things off your "must have" list. 

It started happening to me last week.  I remember one time when Isaac and I were talking about me getting married again.  He was confident I would meet someone quickly, but I told him, it took me 27 years to find him - and he says "Oh yeah, and then you got a defective model!"  (If you knew Isaac, hopefully you laughed at that!).  So last week my mind started going to the place of "I'm never going to find anyone to date" and "Any guy who is Christian and over 30 is probably single for a reason".  Ugh.  I really hate that place. 

Cue Mark Driscoll (by way of Michelle's husband, Herb).  Herb really likes Mark Driscoll.  In fact, Herb sometimes dreams of moving to Seattle so he and Michelle can attend Mars Hill (Mark Driscoll's church).  I think he'd like a bromance with Mr. Driscoll.  But, back to my point.  I once tried to listen to a Driscoll sermon and I didn't like it.  At Herb's recommendation, I tried again, and this time with the "Peasant Princess" series on Song of Solomon.  It rocked my socks off!

Let me tell you why I love this series. t was as if Mark Driscoll heard every single compromise I was mentally making. I was actually beginning to think "Maybe it's okay if I date someone who just believes in God." and in this series, Driscoll said "Don't date someone who just believes in God. Date someone who LOVES JESUS." I was reminded that I have standards for a reason. I was encouraged to keep those standards.
I can't even begin to tell you everything I learned in this series.  Listen to it yourself.  If you are married, this series will give you encouragement and practical ways to strengthen your marriage.  If you are single, this series will remind you that it is worth having standards and waiting for the right person.  If you are a teenager, this series will give you reason after reason to WAIT, to wait on dating until you are old enough to be serious, to wait to give your heart to someone until it is THE someone, to wait to give your body - any part of it - to someone until you are married. 

Come back on Wednesday for another piece of Truth I was reminded of in listening to this series!  In the meantime - what are you waiting for?  Get listening!!


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