Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WFW - Quiet Time

I have the "back to school" itch.  Or maybe, it's more like the "back to routine" itch.  I love the relaxing, no agenda, sleep in late, watch TV all day if I want days of summer.  However, around this time of year I always start getting ready for routine again.  Surprisingly, one of the things I am missing most is my early morning quiet time on the porch.  In the summer, I wake up later and the sun is shining directly on my back porch so it is HOT!  I've taken my quiet time inside for the summer, but I am ready to enjoy the cool of the morning outside, while the birds chirp and my sweet kitties play in the backyard.

Some of you may be what is "quiet time"? All About God explains quiet time like this: Quiet time could refer to those precious moments after the kids are in bed, but for Christians, a quiet time is more than that. Quiet time, or devotion time, refers to our daily appointment with God, when we shut out as much outside interference as possible. During our quiet time, we may sing praise songs, pray, read Scripture or daily devotions, meditate on God's Word, or simply be still and listen.

Here's my indoor quiet time space.  It's a comfy chair, lots of light provided by the windows, and there is always a cute cat hanging around! 

 Personally, I don't usually sing - which my neighbors are probably thankful for.  I have my Bible, a devotional book if I'm reading one at the time, and my journal. 

I usually read the chapter of my book, and then answer the questions in my journal.  Sometimes I read through random passages of Scripture or I revisit the sermon notes from Sunday's message.  On days when I'm struggling with something or upset by something, I tend to just sit...either writing in my journal or just being still. 

What are your quiet times like? 

(and here's a close-up of one of my cute cats - her name is Minimum!)


  1. Mine are usually in bed at night....with said Moggie on my lap...until the last book is put away.
    A bible, a list of prayers for each day for my compassion child, a daily prayer list for friends and countries and and.....
    A Christian Blind Mission prayer diary and an ESA (Australian group) prayer diary also.
    I usually write the events of the day in my diary, sometimes after I have been reading a devotional book or whatever it might be, then the Bible......and then.
    And some nights I just slip.....but the discipline helps.

  2. lovely post, dear. You took a verse and personalized it and prompted us all to reflect. God bless you.

  3. I love your colourful graphics and scriptures! Your comfy chair looks perfect for those treasured quiet times. Cat's help create a relaxing atmosphere too, I believe. What a cutie he is too!

    I was inspired by your post today. Thank you!