Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WFW - A Walking Lesson

Maybe you're wondering why I chose a picture of a bridge for a verse about keeping our eyes on Jesus.  I promised on Monday that I'd share with you a piece of Truth I was reminded of while listening to Mark Driscoll's sermon series on Song of Solomon. 

I was reminded of a speaker I heard once at a "Worth the Wait" conference I took a few teens to once.  The speaker was talking about finding "the one" to share your life with.  He described it something like this:

Stop constantly searching and looking and wondering where "the one" is.  You fix your eyes on Jesus and walk with Him.  Eventually, you'll glance to your left or right and find someone walking the same path as you - that's the person you want to be with.  You don't run after the person who is way ahead of you, you will always feel behind.  You don't stop and wait for the person who is way behind you, you'll always feel like you are dragging them along.  Just fix your eyes on the One who leads your life, spend your time seeking HIM, and eventually you will see someone walking the same path. 


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