Thursday, August 12, 2010

You Oughta see this Ottoman

My old furniture was tan and espresso, so I had this faux leather ottoman that went perfectly!  Then, I got new furniture and the brown ottoman no longer fit.  (It's also possible that I used this as a stepstool while painting and thus got little drops of paint on it...)

I have this super comfy La-Z-Boy sectional in my den.  It reclines at both ends, but still could use a footrest for the middle seats.  So, I recovered my ottoman! 

First, I removed the bottom of the ottoman - just a matter of removing a few screws. 

Then, I tore off the faux leather to reveal the frame underneath.

The fabric I used is actually the cover of some pillows.  The couch came with 4 big pillows, and I only ever use 2 of them, so I took apart the other 2!  The red on the top is leftover from my dining room tablecloth.  I pinned the fabric around the frame and then sewed it all together.  Voila!  New ottoman!

It's not perfect, but it cost me $0 and does the job! 

(Stay tuned for a full tour of the den!)


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  1. You are so energetic and extremely practical and clever...must be in the genes!! Nice job! I'll be there to sit and relax before you know it:)