Friday, September 3, 2010

Book Update

Well, now that summer is totally over, it's time to update on my summer reading list!

Here's my stack of summer books.  I reviewed part of them back in July

Since then, I've finished a few more books!

L.A. Candy:  This is about what I expected given that the book was written by MTV Reality Star Lauren Conrad.  It was fluffy, easy to read, and mind numbing. 

Hissy Fit:  This was my first book by Mary Kay Andrews.  It was passed on to me by a friend, and I really liked it!  It takes place in Georgia and the main character is an interior designer.  The story was predictable, but it was a fun read!

If I Stay:  This book was interesting.  I didn't actual read the whole thing, I read the beginning and the end and skipped a bunch of the middle.  I got the book off of the Young Adult shelf.  It was just okay.  Interesting story concept:  the main character is in a car accident with her whole family and she is watching herself in a coma in the ICU, deciding if she should stay on earth or die.  Strange.

The Girl She Used to Be:  Read this in one day.  It was an unrealistic and overly romanticized story of a woman who has spent her life in witness protection and ends up falling in love with one of the mafia guys who is after her.  There isn't a lot of depth to the character and the story is kind of flat. 

A Soft Place to Land:  I had high hopes for this book.  It was pretty good, but not the best book I've ever read.  The story is of 2 sisters who lose their parents in a plane crash.  Their parents' will dictates that one girl lives with an aunt in San Franciso and the other lives with family in Virginia.  The story follows both girls from childhood to adulthood.  It was a good read, and kept me hooked.

I'm in the middle of Balancing Acts right now!  I like it!



  1. A Thousand Splendid Suns is A-may-zing. A must-read and a can't-put-it-down. I recommend you go with that one next! Also, I'm curious what you'll think of Donald Miller's book (haven't read that one yet). Blog about it when you finish!

  2. I am curious as to what you will think of A Million Miles....I really enjoyed it :) I hope you do too!

    It looks like you are a various reader....I am too!

    Have a wonderful weekend!