Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today Changed My Life

It was one year ago today that my life changed.  September 15, 2009.  This was the day that I got a text message from Isaac that said "Dr. T looked at my scans.  The pelvis is clear, but there are about 20 nodules in my lungs. Not good."  This was the day, one year ago, that I knew we weren't going to beat cancer.  We scrambled, about 2 weeks from hearing that news we were on a plane to Houston to see the best osteosarcoma specializing doctor in the country.  We were just praying for more time, because with 20 lung nodules, we knew there would be no cure. 

When people ask me how I manage to be "okay", I often tell them that I did a lot of my grieving before Isaac even died.  So for me, today represents something - today it has been one year since I began grieving the loss of my husband.  Today marks one year of truly understand why Isaiah 55:8-9 were Isaac's favorite verses.  I don't know why any of this happened to us, but I do know God is good.  It has been a crazy year, full of ups and downs, with one thing remaining consant - God is in control.



  1. wow. Your transparency and honesty are beautiful. His ways are higher and so many of our questions won't be answered until we are face to face with Him...
    Praying as you move through this season. These words are incredibly powerful. Praying that the Lord clearly shows you the "good work still to do"

    peace and heartfelt thanks for sharing with us today...

  2. Awesome post. Choosing joy, regardless of circumstances, is not always easy, and doesn't mean we don't grieve, but it is possible. The joy of the Lord is my strength.... today, tomorrow, every day thereafter.