Thursday, September 16, 2010


This Tuesday I attended a gathering called Liquid Tuesdays at a church in my area.  It's a laid back, mid-week gathering for 18-29 year olds that includes food, friends, teaching, and worship.  The food is always yummy, the people are terrific, the teaching is solid, but one of the things I like best is the worship.  I know not everyone feels this way, but I LOVE some rockin' worship.  I love the lights, I love to feel the beat of the bass and the drums vibrate through the room, I love to hear everyone around me singing at the top of their lungs.  It's like a little piece of Heaven right here on this screwed up earth. 

Tuesday night worship at Liquid was ROCKIN'.  There was a moment while we were singing "Our God" by Chris Tomlin, that I looked around and I didn't see a single person who was not completely and totally in worship of our Lord.  I swear at one point I could actually feel everyone around me as we reached hands in the air trying to reach closer to God.  It was one of the best worship experiences I've had in a long time.

But, there was something else special and unique about that time of worship.  For the first time ever, the song "Came to My Rescue" by Hillsong was included in a worship set.  I've never sung that song in worship, and I've barely listened to the whole thing because that's the last song that was playing on my Pandora when Isaac died.  My first blog entry after Isaac died included some of the details of our last few hours together.  I talked about reading "He who testifies these things says 'Yes, I am coming quickly.' Amen. Come, Lord Jesus." from Rev. 22:20  and praying "Yes, Lord, come...come for him quickly". 

I haven't thought about that song in awhile, and having never actually sung through all the words before, I was again struck with the chorus: "I called, You answered. You came to my rescue and I want to be where You are."   Wow.  How true are those words in my life?  I called out to God and He came to my rescue and now my longing for Heaven is even greater.

I have always loved worship, but I have a new reason for loving it now.  As I lifted my hands and joined in "Our God" with those 50+ other people Tuesday night, it felt like what we'll do together in Heaven.  It reminded me that at that very moment Isaac was doing the exact same thing I was - singing praises to the King of Kings.  Everytime I worship in song I remember that, and I can't help but just smile and feel so much joy. 


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