Monday, October 25, 2010


Today marks an interesting date.  Yesterday was October 24th, meaning it was 8 months ago that Isaac died.

Today is October 25th.  As of today, Isaac has been gone for 244 days.  We were married for 243 days.  So that makes today the first time Isaac will have been gone for longer than we had been married.

I'm not really sad about it, nor do I have any profound thoughts on the matter.  Those 243 days of marriage were awesome.  But, in these 244 days of being a widow, I have grown more, learned more, felt more deeply, and walked closer to God than I have in all 29 years of my life. 

So today I choose to feel this:


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  1. HOLY COW. I feel like he just left.

    I am proud of all your growth. You are amazing.