Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WFW - Hosea

I saw this verse on the Facebook status of my beautiful, sweet, Godly friend, Jenna.  The verse is from Hosea 2:7-8. 

How awesome is this verse?  I find myself so often chasing after other things.  They might not be "lovers" necessarily, but there are many things we all chase after in our lives in search of something.  What are you chasing after?  Do you spend too much money chasing after the latest styles?  Do you gain weight chasing after comfort in food?  Do you spend too many hours at work chasing after a promotion or career recognition?  Do you chase after money?  Power?  Attention?  We chase after so many things in this life trying to fill a void and all the while God is saying "Don't you see?  Don't you realize?  I am the One.  Chase after Me! I am the One who can give you EVERYTHING." 

Seeing this verse inspired me to read Hosea, and in fact all of the minor prophets in the Bible.  So, that's where I'll be spending my quiet times for awhile!  I've never read these books before, and actually find them not referenced in church often.  I look forward to what God teaches me as I chase Him through these untouched and unsearched words!

What are you chasing?



  1. What a wonderful reminder of what we really have and where it came from. You have a lot to look forward to in the book of Hosea. Its one of my favorites. :)

  2. Yes! This is awesome! It goes so incredibly well with the Breaking Free Bible Study! You know it's the things we chase after that often have us in chains...when we break free of them, we're truly free! Awesomeness! You are in for some amazing Word in Hosea! Eat it up!


  3. LOVE IT! Yes! It is a powerful verse. Thank you for sharing!

    (visiting from GMG)

  4. wow.. that is amazing. love it! thanks!

  5. I so love this post!!!
    Happy WFW :)

  6. You need to read Francine River's book "Redeeming Love". It's a fictional account of the story of Hosea and you will bawl your eyes out. It is so good. You kind of finish and want to start again.

    Just found your blog from incourage ... which I rarely click on the websites but did yours b/c I was just thinking today about prayer and why do we need "prayer chains", etc. And basically came up with what you did ... prayer changes us and allows others to see God at work too when we share our prayer requests.

    Anyway ... "Choose Joy" is my theme. I speak to womens groups and talk about just that. I have a little "icon thingie?" on my blog that says "choose joy" but I LOVE that it is on all your posts. Wish I knew how to do that! I would copy if I could.

    Going to read more of your story now ...