Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WFW - A Weekend Recap

This weekend I visited the great state of Virginia!  I stayed in Charlottesville with one of my college roommates, Kellie and her family.  They are great hosts!  I give the Watson B&B 4.5 out of 5 stars! (They're missing a half star because there's no ramp for my rolling suitcase.  Ahaha!!!)

Also joining me for the weekend were my parents!  One of the lovely things about having parents who make their home in a 41 foot RV is that I get to see them in fun places! (Hello Christmas in FLORIDA! Can't wait!)  You can read about their travels (all blogs come with free Dad humor!) at their blog: Oh The Places They Go!

I have to say though, that the higlight of my visit to Virginia was my time spent in Lynchburg at Liberty University.  (Sorry Mom, Dad, and Watsons!  heehee.)  I visited the beautiful LU campus to see a few students from the Youth Group where I was a leader.  On Saturday, my parents accompanied me to an LU football game to see the lovely Lauren play with the LU Spirit of the Mountain Marching Band! 
Lauren is simply awesome.  She is a woman after God's heart and a kick butt drummer (see those bass drums in the front?  She lugs one of those suckers all over that field!  Go Lauren!).  I remember when we did cardboard testimonies in Youth one night and Lauren's said "Suffered from SEVERE seperation anxiety" on one side, and then "Going to college FIVE HOURS from home" on the other!  I stood at the top of the stands on Saturday with tears in my eyes as I watched Lauren fulfilling a dream of marching in a college marching band (and a Division 1 band too!).  Lauren, God is doing great things through you!! 

I also got the chance to spend time with Jenna, who is Lauren's roommate, best friend, and also from Youth.  Jenna is one of those young women who is so genuine and sweet that you can't help but love her immediately.  Plus, she's just beautiful!  This year, Jenna earned a spot as an LU Prayer Leader.  She leads a small group of students every Tuesday night in prayer and discipleship.  I love this because Jenna was an active member of our Youth Group's discipleship and now she is discipling others!  That's the church in action!  Jenna, these women are so blessed to have you as their leader! 


I also got the chance to see Steph (a former member of my discipleship group), Brooke (Lauren and Jenna's former roommate) and Stephanie (Lauren and Jenna's current roommate) at LU's convocation.  I think these girls are so lucky and blessed to go to a school where 10,000 students gather to worship and hear the Word of God 3 days a week!  Their excitement and passion for the Lord was evident as I stood in that arena with them all!
Stephanie, Lauren, Brooke, and Jenna
(I stole this from Jenna's Facebook because it makes me laugh out loud!)

So, the graphic I did this week is a verse the convocation speaker (Carol Kent) used that I think is being fulfilled in the lives of Jenna and Lauren as they spend time at Liberty University! 

Find more verses at Word Filled Wednesdays!

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