Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wreath-a-palooza - The Fall Edition!

Michelle, this one's for you - a crafty project...finally!!

Here are 2 easy, cheap-o wreaths I whipped up for Fall!

On my front door hangs this beauty:

I made this one by cutting a wreath shape out of cardboard (this is after I broke my styrofoam one into about 10 pieces) and then wrapping it in ribbon.  I went to the craft store and got a few fake Fall flowers and one of those wreath pick thingys (technical term there).  I ripped the flowers off of their stems and tore apart the pick, and then hot glued them the way I wanted them to look.  Voila!  That whole thing was less than 5 bucks.  I think I'd make it a little larger next time.

On my back door hangs this....
This I made by wrapping a styrofoam wreath form in brown ribbon.  Then I chose a few Fall-ish looking scrapbook papers and used ModgePodge to glue them onto wooden circles of various sizes.  I played around with the arrangement, hot glued the circles down and called it a day!  I would probably opt for a different shade of ribbon if I did this again - I wasn't thinking about my back door being brown.  (I found the tutorial for this one at Tatertots and Jello - one of my favorite crafty blogs!)

(Check out my Valentine's Day, Spring, and Summer wreaths here!  And since I don't have wreaths for Christmas or Winter, expect a Part 3 at some point!!)


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