Monday, October 18, 2010


Yes, this is my 3rd post about wreaths.  What can I say - I love them!

My friend Michelle sent me a link to this super cute Ruffle Wreath tutorial and I knew I just had to make one!  So...I made two!  One for me, and one as a housewarming gift for my pal Kristy.

Here's the play-by-play

- fabric (I used burlap, brown, and Fall patterned)
- felt and/or polyester silk for flowers
- wreath form
- glue gun
- pins
- needle and thread

Cut the fabric into 4"x70" strips

Wrap the wreath form with one strip of fabric and pin to secure.

Loosely sew a running stitch along the one edge of the fabric.  Pull to make a ruffle.

I ended up stitching 2 layers of fabric together to make a double ruffle.

Pin the ruffle into place on the back of the wreath.

Here's the pinned on ruffle for my burlap and brown wreath.

Pin on some flowers!  I used felt and fabric to make these following this tutorial.
I used polyester silk to make these and followed this tutorial

The finished products! 
You can paint the letters, or do what I did and Modge Podge some scrapbook paper onto the wooden letter.



  1. I also have a wreath obsession so I am loveing this. I was going to start on a spring one soon so I am loving this one. Beautiful! and who doesn't love burlap.