Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WFW - More Habakkuk

The book of Habakkuk used to scare me.  First of all, it was in the Old Testament and when I was a new Christian, the Old Testament was intimidating.  But then on top of that, it's called Habakkuk...and I'm still not confident in my pronunciation of it.  Hu-back-uk or Hah-back-uk?  So naturally, God would point me to this book as I work on writing and developing the story of the last 4 years of my life! 

Last week I shared from Habakkuk 3:18, which has become one of my favorite passages of Scripture.  Today I'll take you back a book to Habakkuk 2.  I've written before about the decision I made to make my prayers "Your will be done", and the first verse of Habakkuk 2 fits this time in my life.

(Habakkuk 2:1)

A rampart is a defensive wall, used to defend a city from potential threats.  Habakkuk is referring to the walls around Jerusalem.  The image in our minds is of a guard taking his spot on duty to watch and protect his city.  In many of the Psalms, the Lord is described as a fortress, a protector, and a stronghold.  So, I choose to climb up into my tower and watch for the enemy to attack, being prepared to defend my heart.  My rampart is my God.  He is my fortress, my strong tower, my protector, and my strength.

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  1. Imagine THAT....a wall around US. He protects, HE is the strong tower!

    I LOVE this image!


  2. Love it...station myself upon the rampart-my God! Awesome illustration.