Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wreath-a-palooza - The Christmas Edition

Today I whipped up my first Christmas wreath!  I had a lot of trouble getting a picture that really does it justice, thanks to the shiny silver ribbon in the middle!

This was a really simple wreath.  I just picked up a flat wreath form at the craft store and wrapped in silver ribbon.  The ribbon I used is actually not fabric ribbon, but was gift ribbon from Target!  (I used 2 rolls that had 25 ft each)

I layed out my ornaments first, so I could get the pattern I wanted and make sure I had enough to go around.  I got these ornaments for $5 a pack at Target, and used 1 and a half packs. 

From there, it was as simple as putting a blob of hot glue on the bottom of the ornament and holding it in place for about 10 seconds!   The whole project took me about a half an hour.

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  1. Looks like you've gotten a jump on the Christmas spirit :) GREAT!

  2. oh this is cute!! i love that it's not a super thick wreath - i have a hard time finding something to make that will fit between my regular door and the security door - this is perfect!!