Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Project #2 - Coffee Cozies

My goal for this time of year is to drink as many Gingerbread Lattes as possible.  I stalk Starbucks starting in November so I can spot the appearance of the RED CUPS which mean the arrival of Gingerbread Lattes!  Since my mom is a die hard Starbucks fan, I decided to make us some coffee cozies to use.  I followed a tutorial from House on Hill Road and sewed these adorable cozies for us!

Can you guess which one is mine? ;-)

Mom and I at Starbucks!

Warning:  Be sure to remove your cozy from the cup BEFORE throwing it away.  Otherwise, you might have to email your daughter and ask her to sew you another one.  It's possible my mom has learned this lesson from personal experience.  (heehee!)

1 comment:

  1. What a great idea ! ! I think I just might have to make some for my 3 daughters and I....
    Love your blog, found you of Faithful Bloggers !