Friday, December 31, 2010

This Might Be the Last Time I Post About Wreaths

Oh who am I kidding, this will not be the last time I post about wreaths!  I only have one for Valentine's Day  and one for St. Patrick's Day (and hello -  I have TWO doors!).  I did whip up these 2 winter beauties, though!

The first, was a coffee filter wreath, which I have seen on at least 3 other crafty blogs.  Google "coffee filter wreath" and you can find a ton of tutorials!  This cost less than 5 dollars and it is gorgeous!

The 2nd wreath is my own creation!  I spotted this maribou feather ribbon at Target before Christmas.  Since I was away for the holidays, I didn't make it to Target until the 30th, and was just hoping there'd be some left at 50% off!  I dug through 4 bins of ribbon, and came up victoriously!  

I simply wrapped the feather ribbon around my wreath form.  When it came up a little short, I decided to go with the asymmetrical look and wrapped the rest in some tinsel ribbon I also got in the Target clearance bins.

Then, I made a few different sizes and styles of the pipe cleaner snowflakes I did with my class last week.  I played with a few different positions and styles.

I decided on this one:

Under 10 bucks and 30 minutes for a sparkly, wintry wreath that is perfect for January!


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