Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekend in Review - The Full Story

Here's the "full version" of the story I mentioned on Monday!

This past weekend was the Girlfriend Getaway Conference in Atlanta, GA.  I first shared about Girlfriend Getaway back in September after the 1st conference was held.  Since then, I have "officially" joined the team as the GfG Hospitality Leader.

I love this  ministry, and was super excited this weekend to fly to Atlanta with a few other team members.  Cindy, the founder of GfG, was referring to us as the "GfG Princess Division" because we were flying down while the rest of the team was driving the 12 hours from PA to Atlanta.

Allow me to introduce you to the "GfG Princess Division":
From left to right:  Hilary (keyboard/vocals), Me, Kim (platform/hostess), Bethany (worship leader)
So, we arrived in Atlanta on Friday morning after a rather uneventful flight down.  We stopped at Whole Foods and Target to pick up a few essentials, then met the other team members at our hotel.  We had a great conference and I loved getting to meet so many fun and inspiring women!  I'll write more about the specifics of the message later this week.
Kim and I on the shuttle from the airport to pick up our rental car.

Our flight was scheduled to leave Atlanta at 10:50 on Saturday night and arrive at BWI around 12:40am.  We were already dreading the late night, but the late flight allowed us to enjoy some shopping and a leisurely dinner at Red Lobster before heading to the airport.

At about 8:45pm we were boarding the shuttle from the rental car station to the airport.  We wanted to be at the airport early so we'd have some time to change into comfier clothes and just be settled before boarding.  Well,  I checked our flight status on my phone and found out our flight was pushed back from 10:50 to 11:40.  Ugh!  We were bummed, so we settled into the airport for an extra hour of wait time.

As we were sitting in an empty gate next to our flight's gate, Hilary looks up and says "No way!  Bill?".  Turns out she spotted a man she knows, who is the husband to her principal and a family friend from her parents' church.  Bill was scheduled to be on our flight to Baltimore, so he joined us in our waiting area.  We didn't realize it at the time, but we would soon be calling Bill our angel!

Soon, I checked our flight status again to find that was now delayed until 11:56pm.  Around 11:00 we decided to move down to our actual gate so we wouldn't miss any announcements about our flight.  At this point, we'd been in the airport for over 2 hours and were tired, and found just about anything funny.  I'm fairly certain that everyone around us was silently praying that they wouldn't have to sit near us on the flight.
Princesses, huh?
Not long after we moved, they made the announcement no one wants to hear.  It began with "Ladies and gentlemen I have some information about your plane."  UH OH!!! To make a long story short:  they ended up cancelling our flight due to a thunderstorm that was happening in Atlanta.  We found this interesting as we watched 12 planes take off and at least that many land while we waited until after midnight for them to make this call.  Weather, you say?

Since it is spring break time and a Sunday, making for seriously busy travel, the airline informs us that the earliest flights they can get us on are Monday, possibly even Tuesday.  Yikes!!  Bill says he is willing to start driving if we want to go get a rental car.  At 2:52am we pulled out of the Budget Rent A Car lot in a navy blue minivan and headed for PA!  Bill, our angel, drove until 8:00am when we were all actually coherent enough to take the wheel for a little bit.  After a pit stop at BWI to trade the rental car for my car, we arrived safely home around 12 hours after our departure.  And man...were we tired!


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  1. WOWZA! I recently got stuck in the detroit airport during a snow storm and it can be so frustrating especially when you see other planes flying and landing. May be God's protection in disguise! In spite of the 12 hour drive, it certainly looks like some fun was had!!