Thursday, April 21, 2011

Because he gets it...

This week I bought some concert tickets that I am really excited about.  In August, my BFF Michelle and I will be traveling to New York City to see Jeremy Camp in concert and I signed up for a spot in the "Meet and Greet" after the concert.  I do love Jeremy Camp's music, but that's not the biggest reason I am excited for this concert, and REALLY excited for the possible chance to meet him.

All the excitement is because HE GETS IT.  Take 5 minutes and watch this.

A more detailed description of his story can be found here

I have met several amazing young women on this journey who have lost husbands to cancer.  I have met one other woman who married her husband knowing he had osteosarcoma, like Isaac.  So, when I listen to Jeremy Camp sing "You Never Let Go", the last song I ever stood beside Isaac and sang in church, I know that as he sings those words...he gets it.  Not just that he gets trials, because we all have those in our lives, I feel a connection to his music because I know he gets MY trial.

The meet and greet session is something you put your name in for, and they tell you 24 hours before the concert if you're being if you think of it, pray for me to be able to go.  This is one guy I just have to meet.


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