Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random American Idol Thoughts

This is a mildly lengthy post where I share my opinions of the current Idol contestants.  If you don't watch Idol or just don't feel the need to read my opinion ( that'd be the case)...scroll to the bottom of the post and check out the video at the end. It's worth it.

So...of the 7 contestants that are left on Idol:

1.  Scottie - He has a great voice, and he does a great job at singing country music.  I just don't like country music all that much, and especially not male country singers.  So I fast forward through his performance.  Every. Single. Time.    So, I'd tell you what I thought of his performance tonight, but I didn't watch it beyond the first few seconds.

2.  Jacob - I appreciate the gospel voice...and I even like the theatrics.  I know this annoys most people, but something about his quirky, good-hearted nature just makes me smile.  And he has serious pipes.  But, I don't like the "Dance With my Father" this one got a fast forward as well.

3.  James - This guy used to annoy the heck out of me.  This is mostly because he REALLY reminds me of a particularly challenging student I have this year.  But, the more I watch him, the more I like.  I don't really care for the whole screaming thing, but he totally had me when he sang "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" 2 weeks ago.  He has a VOICE!  And this week - a drum line??  As a former band geek, I LOVE IT!

4.  Haley- Another one who I used to really dislike, but as she has begun to find the style of music that suits her, I am liking her more and more.  This week when she did "Rolling in the Deep", I was loving it!!  I think she's really hitting her stride and I can't wait to see more of her.

5.  Stefano - This guy is handsome...but really....WHO IS VOTING FOR HIM???????  He is so boring.  I actually burst out laughing during his performance tonight.  PLEASE STOP VOTING FOR HIM.

6.  Casey - Sigh.  Ok, I get it - everyone loves him and thinks he's this super amazing musical genius.  I think he's just annoying.  One week I thought my opinonIf you take away all of the funny and the gimmicks, his voice is NOT THAT GOOD.  Plus he's annoying.  Did I say that already?  Plus, I LOVE Maroon 5 and he's got nothing on Adam Levine.

7.  Lauren - She's my current favorite.  I know, I know...she's the generic cute poppy countryish Carrie Underwood wannabe contestant...but I just love her.  She reminds me of my friend Lauren, who is one of my favorite people on earth, so that makes her my favorite.  And to Stephen Tyler...who suggested this week that she sing something more like Alison Krauss, Faith Hill, or Shania Twain next week...she sang Sara Evans, which is pretty much exactly like the other 3.  Duh.

And for the folks voted off...

I LOVE Paul.  I realize he was not popular, and had a quirky style, but I love that raspy voice, guitar singing, folky type of music.

And Pia...ok yes, she has an amazing voice.  It's pretty much flawless.  But boy was she flawless to watch.  Come out on stage, stand in the middle, sing a ballad perfectly...blah blah blah.

Of all the contestants though, I think there is one missing.  My hands down favorite from Hollywood Week was Colton Dixon.  Remember him?  He played the piano and had a mohawk.  He is AMAZING and I hope he puts out a CD soon - I'll buy it!  And...he's a Christian who leads worship.  It's unfortunate that he is also 19.  Take a listen to him:

Ok - so who are your favorites???


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  1. Lauren is my favorite right now too... Paul was my favorite until he was voted off. And I pretty much agree with everything you said... except James still annoys me. Don't get me wrong, he's obviously talented, just something about him.

    They picked that red haired guy over Colton, right? I was shocked at that... I thought Colton was amazing! :(

    Good review! :)