Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coming Soon...


Today was the first official day of summer vacation!  It's one of many reasons I love being a teacher - heehee!  To celebrate the first day, I slept in late, went for a walk and then spent the day reading.  It was fantastic!

So, now that it is summer, I have more free time to devote to getting things done. Here's my list of "big" summer projects to do around the house:
  1. Curb appeal makeover - including a new front door, painting my porch, and actually taking time to decorate it.
  2. Completing my office/craft room makeover - gray walls, black and white accents with pops of bright pink - CAN'T WAIT!
  3. Clean out my basement (ahhhh - DO NOT WANT TO DO, but I must.)
  4. Paint my kitchen table (an antique handed down from my awesome Mom)
  5. Painting my bathroom (which currently has linoleum walls.  Who does that?)
I also want to get back to blogging regularly.  I have so many things to be writing about and I haven't had the time!  I'm planning on blogging with more of a "schedule" that includes:

  • "The Monday Melody", a new series I'm starting.  I love to write about songs and share the songs that mean something to me, so I'm going to start this up this summer!
  • "Tasty Tuesday" - I have so many new recipes to try and share!  Can't wait to get back to this favorite.
  • "Wednesday in the Word" - I'll link my Wednesdays posts with "Word Filled Wednesdays" at Internet Cafe Devotions and the Women Living Well Wednesday link up.  These posts will focus on passages in Scripture that God is using in my life.
  • "Thankful on Thursday" - I'll explain a little bit more about this on Thursday, but I'm just really working on gratitude a lot more this summer.
  • "Friday Funday" - the day to share whatever I have to share...room makeovers, craft projects, book reviews, whatever!
I'm so glad it's summer and I can't wait to get caught back up with my blogging!! 

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