Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Fun: As of Late...


  • I've been listening to Justin Bieber and I love it.  And yes, I am 30 years old.
  • I finally packed away my Winter clothes.  And yes, I am aware that it has not been winter for many months.
  • I made a 4th of July wreath for my door.  Does this surprise you?  Probably not.
  • I was anxiously awaiting the premiere of "Pretty Little Liars".  And yes, I am still 30 years old.
  • It's summer vacation!
  • God has been speaking LOUDLY to my heart.  As in:  I started the "Breaking Free" study with the idea of 'breaking free from weight struggles' in my mind, and then the Reshaping It All challenge started, and then my pastor started a sermon series on temptation.  Ok God, I'm listening!
  • I may or may not be jumping on the iPhone bandwagon.  I held out for almost 2 years Android!



  1. Hi Jess! Your little home on the internet is lovely. Thanks for joining us in our monthly As of Late link-up!

    I am in my 30's and could not have been more excited for the summer premiere of PLL on Tuesday. At the end I was like...oh how I missed the mystery and drama ;)

    Breaking Free is one of my most favorite studies ever. So challenging and life changing.

    And as a Apple fan...I adore my iPhone ;)

  2. Just saw the Justin Bieber movie last night! I really enjoyed it! A few of the catchy tunes are still in my head!

  3. I am 31 and am a fan of Bieber as well! lol

    Stick with the Droid :)