Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's the Little Things...

Yesterday I unveiled my office/craft room makeover with a promise to post about some of the "details" in the room.  So here goes...

1.  The desk:

This desk comes to me by way of my mom, by way of my great-grandma (or possibly great-great-grandma, I can't remember).  The desk was originally painted, then my mom stripped the paint and applied a light stain.  The desk resided in my parents' house for as long as I've been alive!  When my parents sold their house, this desk was one of the pieces I wanted.  I painted the desk dark grey using leftover paint from the guest bedroom, and added the pretty pink glass knobs (found at Target).  

2.  The bookshelf

This bookshelf was built by my grandfather.  The top of the shelf is actually made using wood from a bowling alley!  I painted it to match the desk and fit the room.  Also, if you look at the 2nd shelf, there are some important memories there.  On the left is a photo of the bright pink Gerber daisies similar to those used in my wedding.  In the middle is a jar of dried roses that Isaac's parents bought for me on Valentine's Day of 2010, just 10 days before he died.  His mom even found a little card he had written that says "To: My Love, From: Isaac, her husband".  They gave me the roses knowing that's what Isaac would have wanted!  And finally, the round pink and black box was used as a card holder at our wedding and now holds memories from that awesome day!

3.  The Wall Art
This was easy-peasy to make!  I just took 4 canvases and used my staple gun to attach fabric and pink ribbon to them! They were actually in the "original" black/white/aqua office, so all I had to do was add the pink ribbon!

I made this collage art last year for the original office colors.  To make it fit this space, all I had to do was Mod Podge some pink paper over top of the stripe that used to be aqua.  The link to the tutorial is here, it's really easy and super cheap!

This photo/memo board was made using an old cork board.  I simply removed the frame, and used my trusty staple gun to attach a layer of batting, a layer of fabric, and then my pink ribbons.  I staple gunned the intersecting ribbons down and then hot glued little sequin/gem things over top of the staples.  You can find all kinds of tutorials for boards like these if you Google "cork board redo" or something similar.

4.  Quick and Crafty Accents
This lamp was made by wrapping an off-white lamp shade with some white satin ribbon I had.  I then made a felt flower using this method, and hot glued it on with a piece of pink ribbon to accent!

I don't have a tutorial for this sewing machine cover.  It all kind of came out of my crazy brain.  I sewed together 2 pieces of white fabric, then added the pink ruffle and the black satin yo-yo flower (here's a tutorial for that) and a piece of ribbon to cover up the terrible job I did sewing the ruffle on.  Haha!

I did nothing to create this other than attaching it to the wall!  This whole set-up is from Ikea and cost less than $10.  I debated with where to place this, originally planning to put it under the black shelf that hangs above my sewing desk.  I decided to put it here because it is so convenient!  I find that the more convenient the storage is, the more likely I am to actually put things away.  So this is right within reach when I am sewing and crafting!

5.  The CHAIRS!
I hunted for the perfect chairs for a long time.  I wanted dining room chairs that I could re-cover, like I did with my dining room chairs.  I had a budget in mind of trying to get the pair for around $75.  I checked various stores and Craigslist.  I ended up finding this pair at Salvation Army for FIFTEEN DOLLARS!  I bought my fabric for $8 at JoAnn's (with a 50% off coupon) and used 3 cans of spray paint (one of primer, 2 of color) for $10.  That makes these 2, custom, DIY, PINK chairs....a total of under $35!

So there you have it, folks!  A completed office that I am enjoying right now as I type this blog!  

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