Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Melody - Farther Along

My friend, Sharon, recently posted a link to this artist on her Facebook and I can't stop listening to him!  Thanks for sharing, Sharon!  Josh Garrels reminds me of a mix of Mumford & Sons, Gavin DeGraw, a little One Republic, and even some Sarah Maclachlan.  A soulful, folky type of music that makes great background, but if you stop and listen to the lyrics it will suck you in.

The song that she posted, and that sticks with me, is called "Farther Along".

In this 2nd summer without Isaac, I've found myself pondering the question of "why" a lot more than any other time.  In Rain of Me, Holley Gerth writes of a time when she was in a grief support group.  The facilitator asked how many of them wanted to know "why", and of course every hand in the room went up.  The facilitator then asked "Would it make the hurt go away?"  And of course, the answer is no.  Even if we knew why these heartaches happen, it wouldn't make the heartache stop.  Isaac would still be gone.  This song reminded me that someday, somewhere on the other side of eternity, we'll understand it all.

Enjoy the song, and if you visit Josh Garrels's website, you can download his whole album for FREE!  Sweet!

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