Monday, July 4, 2011

The Monday Melody - Manifesto

Today's song is pretty simple, no deep thoughts behind why I love brain is a bit tired today.  My BFF Michelle's husband, Herb, is a part-time radio deejay at our local Christian radio station.  He introduced me to the song I'm sharing with you today!  It's become pretty popular on Christian radio, so you may have heard it before.

The City Harmonic - Manifesto

A few reasons why I love this song:

1.  It simply states some solid Christian doctrine: 
-We believe in the one true God.
- We believe in Father, Spirit, Son.
- We believe that Good has won.

2.  PIANO ROCK.  I love any "rock" music in which someone totally rocks out on a piano.

3.  The video is fun to watch.  What's not to love about a whole bunch of people jamming out about Jesus?

If you happen to be on YouTube checking out this video, take a listen to their songs "I Am" and "Coming My Way" while you're there. So good! 

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