Monday, August 1, 2011

Kitchen Table Update

One of the items on my "Summer To-Do List" was to paint my kitchen table.  Truthfully, I spent the last 2.5 weeks watching all 5 seasons of ABC's "Brothers and Sisters".  But, somewhere in that span of time I did squeeze in this little project.

Here's what the kitchen table looked like when I got it from my parents:

This kitchen table has been in my parents' kitchen for as long as I remember.  It's been host to almost 30 years worth of family dinners and before school breakfasts.  It's been covered with Christmas cookies that Mom and I decorated, as well as books and papers for study sessions with Dad (usually math related - ugh!). 

I love this table!  It's an antique that my mom stained, stenciled and painted back when she was in her early 30's.  Plus, it fits perfectly in my kitchen. 

So, the update that I gave the table isn't very dramatic.  The colors already fit with my kitchen, this poor well-used table just needed to be freshened up a bit.  And, I didn't really care for the grapevine stencil. (sorry, Mom).

I chose a color for the legs that is just a different shade of red, flipped the table over, and gave the legs a new coat of paint.

Then, I sanded down the top and added a fresh coat of stain.  I chose a stain that is similar in color, just a smidge darker.  

Here's the final result:

One other quickie touch I added was the napkin holder.  When I put the bamboo napkin holder on the table, it just blended in:

I hot-glued some ribbon and a little felt flower onto the napkin holder to dress it up a bit.  Voila!

You can read about my whole kitchen makeover here!

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