Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet & Greet - Updated!

Wednesday night I got to do something I've been wanting to do for quite awhile now.  My pal Michelle and I got to meet Jeremy Camp!!!  I was so excited and nervous that I told Michelle I felt like a 13-year-old girl meeting Justin Bieber.  Haha!!

So here's the run down of our Jeremy Camp day!  

We traveled to NYC via MegaBus.  When we arrived, we headed over to BB King's, the venue for the concert, to pick up our tickets and scope things out.  

After a quick subway trip to drop our stuff off in Queens, where we spent the night at a friend of Michelle's, we headed back to the city for a little sightseeing.  Here's us outside of Central Park!

Then it was time to head back to BB King's to get in line for a table number!  We were told they would start handing out numbers around 4:30.  Then, when the doors opened to the concert at 6:00 they would call us in by our numbers.  We arrived at BB King's at a little after 4:00 and got number....

My college pal, Kathy, came to BB King's to have dinner with us then while we waited for the doors to open.  Once the doors opened, we went inside and got great seats right by the "standing" area on the floor.  We waited patiently (ok, not so patiently) for 7:30: meet and greet time!  We headed backstage with about 15 other people and waited our turn to meet Jeremy!

When it was our turn, Michelle opened with "You are the one person in the world my friend Jess wants to meet.  She has a great story".  So, I shared a short bit about Isaac and why Jeremy's book and music are significant to me.  (you can read more about that here in this post and this post)  He was so nice, asked a few questions, and shook my hand 3 times!  Then we snapped a photo with him.  We forgot to turn the flash back on, so it's a little blurry!

Then it was back out into the venue for the concert!  This was one of the most fun, encouraging, praise-filled concerts I have been to.  The smaller venue was terrific, and we were so close to the stage!  Jeremy's set was  over an hour and 45 minutes long, and included songs from every CD.  I think my favorite moment was when he introduced "I Still Believe", which is the first song he wrote after his first wife died.  I love that he sings this song and shares this story at every concert he does.  He also then shared how God has blessed him now with his 2nd wife, 2 daughters, and a son due in 3 weeks.  Love, love, love this!  

**UPDATE!  A fellow concert attendee got my whole favorite part on video!!! Check it out! **

It was beyond amazing!  After the concert was over, we spotted this beautiful Prevost tour bus right outside the venue, with Tennessee license plates.  After we got home, I did a little internet stalking and saw this very same bus in a Jeremy Camp YouTube video.  Jeremy's tour bus?  I think yes.  

Jeremy's new tour kicks off this September.  If he's coming to a venue near you, you MUST go!  This guy puts on an awesome concert.  You will be blessed!

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  1. What a great testimony! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Have a good weekend (: