Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Very long post...about a very small room!

The last and final room in my house to receive a makeover was the bathroom.  I can now officially say that every live-able room in my house has been painted since I bought the place last November.  What will I do with my time now??

Anyway...on to the bathroom remodel.  This 1925 duplex came equipped with one, very small bathroom.  This small bathroom came equipped with a beige bathtub and gold-flecked Formica wall panels. Ugh.

Here's the before:

Gold-flecked Formica walls!  YES!

The Formica walls caused this makeover to have a few more steps than my previous makeovers.  I had to wash the walls, sand them, wipe them down again, prime them, and then paint them.  Add in my first attempt at changing a light fixture (which was ALMOST a success - thanks, Eric, for fixing my loose wire mistake), my first attempt at caulking (more successful than the light fixture), and the crackle medium the previous owner used on the trim...and well, smallest room = biggest headache.  

Before I could wash the walls, I removed all of the trim.  And behind it I discovered this:


So once the walls were all washed, sanded, prepped, and primed....I started edging with the color I chose.  I decided on "greige" (grey + beige) - so it would compliment the stripe in the floor, as well the bathtub, and still be in the gray color family (which is my current favorite). can't see the paint color?  That's not the lighting.  That's the "way-too-light" greige.  And so back to Lowe's I went....

Ahh - that's better!

 I decided to pick up the blue from the floor as my accent color...and here's the final product!


And here are some of the close-ups and accents:
New light fixture $29 at Lowe's
New mirror (spray painted blue) $9 at Wal Mart

Blue soap pump $12 at Target

New blue hardware $3 on clearance at Target

Since I took down the medicine cabinet, I added this storage cabinet for $45 from Target.

Shower Curtain $8 on Clearance at Target
New hooks $5.99 at HomeGoods

Large blue accent bowl $6 at Target
Small blue accent bowl (set of 4) $5 at Target

All of the accessories, plus paint, brings this bathroom makeover in at under $250!  Isn't that insane?  It looks so different, much larger, and more modern!


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