Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to School Gift

I saw this cute little idea on Pinterest:

and decided it would be a perfect "Welcome Back" gift for my teaching teammates!

Here's my version:

Sorry for the terrible photo quality - I snapped it with my phone and then forgot to take a "good" pic with my camera!  Oops!

I picked up a pack of disposable coffee cups, a few packs of individual coffee (Starbucks hot Via, cold Via, and some General Foods Int'l Iced Latte), and some coffee beans.

First, I put coffee beans in each cup (can't see that in the pic, sorry!), then stood my packs of coffee up in the beans, and tied on a little tag!  So easy and ADORABLE!

Here's the printable for the tag if you'd like to make this yourself!

Sharing this with Sew Chatty30Days and Tatertots & Jello this week!


  1. This is adorable! Thanks for the idea!

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  3. hi jess

    is there a way that you could have this tag read 'a little something to help y'all get back to grind'

    i have attempted in microsoft and have no such luck so far :( i may not have right program to do it.

    i would gladly pay you for this. my email is if not no worries i understand

    thank you

  4. we lived 5 hours a part and would go weeks in beween visits with so much driving and so little time with each other the kitchen became our hide out.

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