Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Movie Review

This weekend the movie 50/50 opened in theaters.  The movie is based on the true story of Will Reiser's battle with neurofibrosarcoma, a rare spinal cancer.  I headed to the theater with a few of Isaac's friends and armed with plenty of tissues.  My final review of the movie?  Eh.  It was okay.  I'd give it maybe 3/5 stars?  I didn't love it.

There was one scene, where Will has a major surgery, that really hit me.  Having never actually been in the operating room for any of Isaac's surgeries, it was hard to see the actor laying on the table and intubated.  I kept picturing him as Isaac and ended up watching that whole section with tears streaming down my face.

Parts of it were really funny too, especially things that we could identify with or were things that Isaac would have approached with a similar humor.  I appreciated that it was a movie about cancer that wasn't all sappy and filled with big gestures and a bunch of cheesy stuff.

But, on the other hand, I think I missed some of the sap and cheesy stuff.  I felt like the movie didn't offer hope of any kind.  This guy's family was distant, his girlfriend sucked, and his best friend spent most of the time using the F word and talking about sex.  I think the vulgarity was a little excessive and detracted from the overall theme of the movie.

I guess I expected the theme of the movie to be something more involving approaching cancer with humor can provide some relief from the overall crappiness of cancer.  But I left the movie feeling like they tried to combine The Hangover with Letters to God and missed the mark.

The movie does do an excellent job of portraying the loneliness of cancer.  Isaac used to talk about that a lot, how even though he had all of these people in his life who were there for him, he still ultimately had to battle alone in many ways.  Watching this movie was almost like viewing the cancer battle from inside Isaac's head, which I really appreciated.

The lack of hope in the movie comes from a lack of faith.  Our faith was such a huge part of our cancer journey, that I forget sometimes that others don't have that faith when they're on that path.  The movie made me so very thankful that Isaac had HOPE in his battle, and that I have HOPE in my life.

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  1. I was curious about this movie. Thanks for the review!