Friday, December 16, 2011

Complete the Christmas Sentences

My favorite part of December is....Christmas vacation.  I'm a teacher, what can I say??
The Christmas song I can listen to over and over is....Ahhh so many!!!  See this post from last year.  I LOVE the Chris Tomlin Christmas songs of worship CD, and this year I'm loving Francesca Battistelli's Be Born in Me (not technically a Christmas song, but SO SO SO beautiful and about Mary)  And also I LOVE Feliz Navidad.  Don't judge me.
My favorite Christmas gift when I was a child was....CLOTHES!  I used to spend all day changing from outfit to outfit to outfit.  So fun!!
If traveling anywhere in the world were an option I would spend Christmas....Somewhere warm - hey lucky, I'm going to Florida for Christmas! ;-)
Christmas movies are....fantastic.  Especially on Lifetime.  The cheesier the better!!!
My must have Christmas treats include...Gingerbread lattes from Starbucks.  Specifically: grande, nonfat, 2 pump, no whip, no foam Gingerbread Lattes.  :)
Decorating for the season looks like....lights.  I just love Christmas lights!  I didn't do a tree this year, but I do have to post my little house tour so someone besides me and the cats can see my decorations!
When it comes to Christmas gifts I prefer to...not buy them.  For anyone.  That is, unless I see something and think "that would be perfect for ____" or come up with a cute idea without much thinking.  I refuse to stress myself out thinking up gift ideas.
The Christmas season makes me feel....hmmm - this is an interesting one, and something I've been meaning to write about.  I'll just leave it at that and you'll have to check back later this week for more!
To me Christmas means....I'm going with a "hmmm" on this one too.  This year Christmas is feeling different, and I can't explain that without a whole separate post.  I guess the obvious answer is Christmas is Jesus.  I just feel like there's more - Christmas should be a time that we stop all the busy craziness of life and just enjoy our family and friends.  Be thankful for what we have, show our appreciation for those we love, just enjoy!


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  1. Hi Jess! So glad you could join us for CPF! It's lovely to meet you.

    Christmas breaks are the best! And I totally concur with you about Christmas movies :) Christmas lights are one of my favorite things too.