Friday, December 2, 2011

Wreaths on the Cheap - Part 1

During Thanksgiving vacation, I whipped up a few super cheap wreaths for Christmas!  I saw someone on Pinterest post about using pipe insulation for wreath forms, so I headed into Home Depot and picked up 2 pieces of pipe insulation.  At $1.50 a pop, they make about 2 wreaths each - $0.75 a wreath form!  SCORE! 

Here's my first beauty:

And the breakdown:
1.  Make a circle with the pipe insulation, and tape together. 

2.  I wrapped mine in white duct tape because I was using white yarn and didn't want the gray to show through.

3.  Wrap sections in yarn.  I counted my rows (32 each section) to keep it even.

4.  I then went back and double wrapped each section with yarn.  The top half of these sections are doubled, the bottom are just the single.  I like the top better.

5.  Add some embellishments.  I chose 2 green feather picks, some silver glittery berries, and the red glittery swirls.  All were purchased at JoAnn's 50% off!

Price Breakdown:
Wreath form: $0.75
Yarn:  $1/each ($2.00 total)
Picks: $0.79 each - 50% off - ($0.40 each - total of $1.60)
Total Cost: $4.35


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  1. I love this wreath. I have been looking for a wreath to make and now I found it. Thanks for sharing.

    I would love it if you could link this up to our linky party going on right now.