Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fit Friday - Accountability

One of the biggest things that has helped me have success on this journey to health has been public accountability.  Now, I don't go sharing my weight all around - I'm not that brave (yet).  But, I do use things like Facebook, Twitter, and this blog to share the journey.  In the past, I've always kept attempts at weight loss a little more under wraps.  I'd talk about it with my family, close friends, and co-workers, but I never made it at the forefront of my life.  This time around, I can't seem to shut up about it.  But, that helps keep me motivated.  It helps me to remember that everyone knows about my journey and that so many people are cheering me on.  So don't hide it - share it!  Tell the world...shout it from the rooftops!  Be proud of what you are trying to accomplish!

With that in mind, I'll share...
-I did my first set of push ups in my workout yesterday OFF my knees (as in - military style!) and then the first 6 of 12 reps for the 2nd two sets.
-I REALLY wanted to curl up in my sweats with a glass of wine tonight, but I went to Zumba and TRX anyway.
-I'm down a total of 27.4 pounds.
-I ate at least 10 Palmer Peanut Butter Chocolate hearts today.  Oops.  See - not all good! ;-)


  1. I wish I were as brave! I blog about it but I also know that I dont know most of my readers in real life and the hubby is the only other person that knows what I am doing! I will have to think about sharing more...

  2. The winter is hardest for me in my eating habits and my workout routine. I feel so much more dedicated when it is light out til 7 and I can get a good run in a couple nights a week. Going to the gym is so dreadful to me lol. I'm open to being open with the good and the bad. :)) right now there's a whole lotta bad going on!