Friday, January 13, 2012

Fit Tip Friday: Love it!

Something that has dramatically impacted my weight loss is finding an exercise I LOVE doing.  For me, it is Zumba!  I love, love, love it.  I've already told you about how much I love my gym.  And I do, I really love it there!  But Zumba is what got me hooked.  When I realized I could spend an hour of my life dancing around and having fun while getting fit, I was in!  I also love that with Zumba, I have to concentrate on the steps, so my mind can't focus on things that it might be stressed out with.  I always leave Zumba with less stress and more energy.

Also, as promised, here are my latest progress pics!
I lost 5 inches in 8 weeks!  I actually only lost about 8 pounds between November and January.  That's 1 pound a week, which is good! However, the really awesome thing is I lost almost FIFTEEN pounds worth of FAT!  The percentage of my body that is lean mass has increased - meaning...I am STRONGER!  Remember that word?

I'll report more results after the next 8 weeks. (at my gym, I get weighed/measured every 8 weeks)  My goal is to have lost 10 pounds.  Oh, and to be able to do the push ups in my workout routine as regular push ups, not girly style push ups.  Stronger, right?



  1. Wahoo congrats! I rock the girly push ups LOL so good for you for handling the real push ups!

  2. Oh my word! You look GREAT!!!! I'm going for stronger in 2012, too!!! (and slimmer)