Monday, February 20, 2012

Impossible Don't Exist

No, that isn't just my poor grammar in that blog title!  It's the lyric from today's "Monday Melody" song that stood out to me.

The whole lyric is:
"I'm feeling better than I ever thought, it's possible but now I know.  Impossible don't exist."

I heard the song "Tonight is the Night" by Outasight while I was cleaning today and loved that line!

What really sparked this blog is an exercise class I took today.  My gym has started offering a new class called "Phases Fit Physique".  The class is led by the gym's owners, Brian and Mindy.  It's only offered on Monday mornings at 10:00, which is not conducive to my schedule.  But, since I had off today - I was excited to try out the class!

Did you catch that habit change?  I was excited about my day off because it meant I could go to an exercise class?  REALLY?  Yup!

So, I walk into this class and there are probably 20-25 other people there.  We're told to partner up and we'd be going through 1 minute circuits.  My first thought was "Oh man, my poor partner got stuck with the out of shape fat chick."  but then I realized - THAT'S NOT ME ANYMORE.  I'm not "the out of shape fat chick".  Sure, I'm not at my goal weight yet, and I won't be running any marathons soon - but I can really, honestly say that I'm in good shape.  In fact, I'm in the best shape I've been in EVER.  And my partner was awesome.  She was motivating, encouraging, and supportive.  I never felt like the fat chick - I felt like the FIT chick.

The class reminded me of what I see on The Biggest Loser when they do their "last chance workout".  By the end of the hour, my face was red and I was sweating like CRAZY.

And you know what?  It was FANTASTIC.
(in the car right after the workout!)


  1. "won't be running any marathons soon"...does that mean it may be in your future plans??? :))

  2. I'm proud of you. It is so good to hear you talk positive about yourself. Man, you make me want to get in shape.