Friday, March 16, 2012

Fit Tip Friday - Treats!

Tis the season for 2 of my favorite foods: the Shamrock Shake and the Cadbury Egg. At this point in the year, I normally would've had at least 3-5 o each by now. But, as you know, this year had to be different!

So, did I swear off these 2 sugar filled treats for good? No. I made myself this deal: 1 shake and 1 egg allowed, and only the weekend of the actual holiday that they stand for.

Today, I had my shake. Was it good? Yes.

Do I wish I'd had a few more already? No. Because before I got this shake, I was in the dressing room at Target trying on new Capri pants because all of mine are too big now.

And that cliche "nothing tastes as good as thin feels" - is something I am living right now.

The shake is good, but smaller pants are better.

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