Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fit Tip Friday - What I Eat

One of the questions I always get asked in regards to my weight loss (38.6 pounds so far!) is about what I eat.  So, I thought I'd share a typical day's food with you!  Here's what I eat almost every weekday during the school year:

 Breakfast (6:45am):  Green Monster.  Every. Day.  I miss it terribly now if I don't have it.  Weird, right? 

Mid-morning snack (10:00am)- typically a LaraBar and a piece of fruit, or maybe a homemade granola bar, sometimes I do some cheese and fruit too. 

Lunch (12:40) - baby carrots, 1/2 cup nonfat Greek yogurt w/ berries (frozen unless they're on sale) and a little Stevia, and a cup of soup (I usually make a batch of a bean or grain based soup on the weekends)

Dinner - lean protein (most of the time this is fish, because my grocery store makes convenient frozen, single servings of wild caught fish and it thaws quickly), a grain, and a green vegetable  (you can read more about my dinner ideas here and here!)

That's a typical weekday for me.  There's usually a piece of candy from my classroom stash after lunch, and always a square or 2 of dark chocolate after dinner, too.  It ends up being about 1500 calories a day usually. Like I've said before though, I don't count calories.  I know the approximate calorie counts of my typical meals, and I don't stress if I go out to eat or grab a breakfast sandwich at Starbucks one day.  Everything in moderation!!

(speaking of - remember back in March when I posted about the seasonal treats I was allowing myself?  Well, I never did have that Cadbury Egg.  Yep - for the first time in my life I went through an entire Easter season without eating a Cadbury Egg.  And I didn't miss it one bit.)

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