Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fit Tip Friday

Today's tip is simple: measure.

I don't count calories. At least, not every day. I just can't. It makes me crazy. Choosing to NOT count calories (or points or carbs) is the biggest difference with this weight loss and any previous attempts.

That being said, I do try to be conscious of about how many calories I eat at each meal. I try to chunk my day into about 3 500 calorie segments - am, midday, and pm. I eat similar meals most days (green smoothie for breakfast, fruit/granola bar for snack, soup/yogurt/carrots for lunch, fish/whole grain/veggies for dinner) so I know about how many calories I eat at each meal without having to count them every day.

With this strategy, comes the necessity of measuring. I might not count the calories of the brown rice I eat at dinner, but I do measure the portion. Keeping portions in check is key. This is what has gotten me into trouble in the past!

I use a food scale, a set of fun measuring bowls from Pier 1, and measuring spoons. I usually keep then out somewhere on the counter or close by so they are easy to access and use!

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