Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Words and Music

Allow me to introduce my fabulously talented friend, Hilary.  She is a beautiful singer, songwriter, and amazing pianist.

In a recent conversation, Hilary said if I ever wrote anything that was lyrical, she'd put music to it.  I don't have a song writing bone in my body, but I do LOVE to write, and I have always enjoyed dabbling in the poetic.  So, this weekend I was washing dishes (glamorous, I know) and this one little line started in my head.  I thought about Hilary's offer, grabbed my pen and paper, and wrote my first ever song lyrics.

I sent them off to Hilary, who turned my pen and paper words into song - "Heal My Brokenness".  
We hope you like it!

Sharing this at WLW Wednesdays!

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  1. I'm a random reader of your blog-- not even sure I remember now how I stumbled upon it-- but you always bring such inspiration to my day (all the way out in Oregon). This song is so beautiful and I can tell it really reflects your heart. Beautiful!! God bless you and your future endeavors