Friday, June 8, 2012


Today I'm doing a "Five Minute Friday" with Lisa-Jo!  The rule is: she gives a topic, and you write for 5 minutes - stream of consciousness, no editing, no backtracking - just writing.  The "Five Minute Friday" word of the week is - EXPECTATION.

This morning, I sat outside in my favorite spot - underneath the shade of the one tree in my city backyard, with the sounds of the birds chirping mingled with the sounds of the train across the block and the cars at the traffic light out front.  I opened my journal, where I began journaling prayers in April, and started looking through the pages at what I'd been praying for.

I saw a pattern - I was praying for God to work  a situation out in my life in a way that only He could. This was something I thought I had only prayed once or twice.  But, as I looked back at this journal, I realized that I had been praying for this specific thing almost every day for 6 weeks.  How did I miss that?  I prayed with the EXPECTATION that God would do it.  I just expected it to happen.

And it did.

I didn't even really realize it.  But, now that I looked back through those journals I saw my words - heavy with the expectation that this was something God had to orchestrate, I realize I had complete confidence - without really trying - in His ability to grant me this answer to prayer.

And He did.

Not only did He kinda answer it, but He gave me THE BEST.  Isn't that what we should always expect from God when we pray?  Shouldn't we always just assume that as we pray for God to work in our lives, that He will always give us THE BEST.  It's hard to pray with that expectation.  It's hard to not to say "I want ____ God, but I understand if You don't answer it."  It's hard to pray "I want ____ God, and I expect Your best."

Have high expectations for God.  Pray believing, wholeheartedly, that God will give you the best.  He is big enough to meet, and EXCEED your expectations!


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  1. This is Lovely.

    I really need to start journaling if nothing else just to be able to look back on and see how God is present all the time even when we don't think he is.

    Have a great weekend. :)