Monday, June 18, 2012

Strong Enough

Allow me to share with you one of my favorite workout songs...which also happens to be a favorite with 12 year olds.  But I'm okay with that.

Yes, that's right - it's Justin Bieber.  Before you dismiss this song and think "I hate Justin Bieber, no way am I listening to that." - read some of the lyrics.

The song is more than just a teeny bopper jam.  The song is about not giving up - not quitting.  It talks about when you reach "the point of no return" and you have no choice but to fight.  It talks about doubting your own strength and abilities, and realizing that when your back is against the wall - it turns out you're stronger than you think.

"I never thought that I could feel this power

I never thought that I could feel this free

I'm strong enough to climb the highest tower

And I'm fast enough to run across the sea"

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